Best Driving Roads in Georgia

driving roads in Georgia - Ed Murdock CDJR - Lavonia, GA

Georgia is a beautiful state with a diverse landscape. The best way to appreciate this scenery is with a thrilling drive. Here are some of the most rewarding roads in the Peach State.

The Suches Loop

This 50-mile loop is called Georgia’s Dragon and is a big draw for driving enthusiasts thanks to its steep elevation and frequent blind turns. This is a great place to test the handling limits of your vehicle. You also get spectacular views of Stonepile Gap, Hester Gap, and Neel’s Gap.

US Route 1

This highway runs through multiple states; however, the Georgia portion is a beautiful drive with wide sweeping turns and numerous rural towns. Many drivers choose this route as an alternative to the busier Interstate 20.

George State Route 42

Head to Byron in Peach County to try out the most thrilling part of State Route 42. It will take you through multiple elevation changes and even some difficult 90-degree turns.

North Georgia Scenic Highway 197

This is a popular road for its magnificent scenery. During prohibition days, bootleggers would use this road to transport their moonshine. Along the way, there are some lakes, quaint shops, and attractive hotels. You may even see a bear along the way.

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