Simple Tire Maintenance Tips

Simple Tire Maintenance Tips For Your Vehicle - Ed Murdock CDJR - Lavonia, GA

It’s easy to take your vehicle’s tires for granted, but inspecting and servicing them regularly is a must. These simple tire maintenance steps will keep you safe out on the road and help your vehicle perform the way it should.

Check your tire treads

If your tire treads are worn, they won’t grip the road like they’re supposed to, putting you at risk and making your vehicle handle poorly. You can check tread depth with the quarter test. Stick a quarter upside down into one of the treads. If the top of Washington’s head isn’t touching the tread, it’s time to get new tires.

Check your tire pressure

To achieve better fuel efficiency and help your tires last longer, keep them inflated at the recommended levels. Buy your own gauge and check the pressure monthly. Make sure you check the pressure when the tires are cold to get the best reading.

Get your tires rotated 

To help your tires do their job and wear evenly, it’s important to have them rotated at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. Here at Ed Murdock CDJR, our expert service staff is ready to perform this key service for you. We can also balance your tires and align your wheels as necessary to help your vehicle perform more safely and efficiently.

For all your vehicle maintenance needs, Ed Murdock CDJR is here to serve you. Come visit our dealership in Lavonia, Georgia, for great service and more.

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