Benefits of Using Official OEM Parts

Benefits of Using Official Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram Parts - Ed Murdock CDJR - Lavonia, GA

If your vehicle is in need of a parts replacement, you can either select OEM parts or third-party ones. When comparing the unique advantages that each option offers, it’s clear that official Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram parts are the best choice for your vehicle.


An easy shopping experience

To purchase the exact OEM part you need, you can simply ask the dealership for the part, and you’ll receive one that’s specifically made for your vehicle. Unlike with an aftermarket part, you won’t have to compare parts or question their reliability.


High-quality options

 OEM parts have the same level of quality as the parts you’re replacing, so you can have peace of mind that the OEM parts will work well with your vehicle. The quality of third-party parts, on the other, varies. That’s why it may not be worth it to pay for these parts, even if they have lower price tags.


Warranty coverage

 OEM parts typically come with warranty coverage, so you don’t have to worry about paying for another replacement if the parts don’t hold up while under warranty. Independent shops do not always offer warranties for third-party parts.


With their host of benefits, OEM parts are the superior options that are deserving of their higher cost. Give us a call at Ed Murdock Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram in Lavonia, Georgia, when you’re in need of a new part, and we’ll help you find the right one.

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