Smells Coming from Your Car’s AC

Car’s Air Conditioner - Ed Murdock CDJR - Lavonia, GA

As the weather turns warm here in Lavonia, Georgia, you’ll be spending more time running your car’s air conditioner. But if your car’s climate control system is smelling foul, you aren’t limited to masking the stench with a heavy air freshener. Here’s an overview of some odiferous issues and their potential causes.


If your car’s AC smells like an old gym bag, it’s time to pop the hood and have a look inside. Sour, sweaty smells often come from a dirty cabin air filter, so purchase a replacement at your earliest convenience.


Musky mildew scents point to a problem with your car’s under-hood air intake vent. It can also be caused by mold growth in the air vents, or by a faulty drain tube in the air conditioning unit.


Chemical odors could indicate that the coolant in your car’s AC evaporator is leaking. And if you notice a weirdly sweet, maple-syrup-like scent coming from the blower, don’t breathe easy just because it smells good. This can be a symptom of a leaky heater core.


If you notice any of these problems in your vehicle, don’t delay — seek service as soon as possible. Instead of suffering through a smelly summer or sweltering in the Georgia heat, schedule a service appointment at Ed Murdock Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram in Lavonia, Georgia.



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