Tips for Taking Your Pet on a Road Trip

Tips for Taking Your Pet on a Road Trip - Ed Murdock Superstores - Lavonia, GA

If you’re planning to hit the road with your pet this spring, you’ll want to make sure that they are as up for the task as you are. If you’ve never gone out on an adventure with your furry friend, take heed of these tips for taking your pet on a road trip.


  1. Do your homework.
    Research your route and know where you’re going before you set off. Make sure to plot out pet-friendly places to stay overnight and stop off for food and play.
  2. Practice makes perfect.
    For extra-long trips, you’ll want to know how your pet will react to the road. Start by taking your pet on short trips around the block, then around the neighborhood, then around the city to test their stress level in the vehicle.
  3. Take a chill pill.
    For anxious or stressed pets, it’s best to consult your veterinarian to know what will work best to calm them down. From treats to simple routines, vets will know what is best for your pet’s diet, personality, and breed type.


There are a ton of steps you can take to keep your pet happy and healthy on a road trip. For a pet-friendly vehicle and accessories, stop into Ed Murdock CDJR.

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